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Written by Be Sparkle


Posted on October 25 2020

Ever got that cool, hipster look from winter hats, especially beanies? Oh, they are pretty warm and fitting while being stylish. You'd agree with me that the headwear sector can be a very tricky area to navigate. If, in any way, you have said, "Beanies just don't fit me," this might be because you have been picking the wrong ones. Beanies can work very well with women's wear even as the winters are upon us. But out there, beanies are one of those catch-alls that can fit into different styles, from ultra-fitted ones to slouchy cuts with varying embellishments and fabric styles. The numbers to pick from is quite much and can be overwhelming.


Picking the right beanie for your style

There are numerous ways of accessorizing your outfit, and beanies are the best ways of doing this during the wintertime. They make a great fashion statement when you pick the right choice to follow your style.
A beanie is a must-have for your winter wardrobe, but before you step out to get one, remember that some details can make all the difference as it relates to the style that fits you. Different designs can fit you depending on your face shape; it could be round or square faced – then picking a Rhinestones winter beanies can be your best bet with ribbing and a looser style that can add some height to your face.
But before we dive deeper into different beanies, let’s take a look at some things you must consider as a lady or man when choosing a hat or beanie.


Decide a style to choose

Before picking a hat or beanie, it is very important to consider the hat needs first. Ask yourself – do I want a beanie for everyday use or just a special event? Are you getting one for a fashion purpose or skin protection? What season do you intend to wear it? Since we are addressing winter beanies in this article, I believe the season would be winter seeing that winter is upon us. Once these questions are responded to, you are all set to explore different styles that will suit you.
The next thing to do is to get recommendations from great magazines or websites like besparklefashion. There are hundreds of beanies styles to pick from, so take your time to explore them.


Time to match your hat or beanie style with your physic

A rule of thumb when picking a winter beanie is that it should always be proportional to your body. Your hat or beanie should balance your body dimension rather than exaggerating it. Next, you should match your beanie with your face. You can carry out a quick exercise by standing in front of a mirror with your hair pulled back and your neck visible. Then use a lipstick or makeup liner to mark your temples, your jawline, top of your hairline, cheekbones (the widest points), and the bottom of your chin.

Measure the top of your hairline and chin, and other parts as listed above.

Determine the shape of your face

If your face is diamond or like oval, you can wear a lot of styles but try to avoid too small brims or high crowns that will emphasize your cheekbones and chin.

 If it’s oval or longer than wide, you are at liberty to wear about anything but try to avoid the too wide crown.

If your face is oblong, long, and narrow, the best option would certainly be cloches and fedoras.

If the shape of your face is square, then softer designs would be best for you but avoid structured styles.

For round shaped faces, the preference is structured hats and asymmetric styles.

If triangular, then go for a high crown and small brim. 


The Rhinestones winter beanies – a style to embrace

Beanies are a game-changer when it comes to keeping those ears warm. We have just the right rhinestones beanies that you can rely on. Stick with these winter beanies, and you are sure to kick the colds out.
Since hats are a fabulous accessory and almost compulsory during the winter and the notion that winter hats are often dowdy and dull can be combated by adding rhinestones.

The classic black Rhinestones winter beanie

When looking for something classic and suits your design during the winter season, then think of this black Rhinestones winter beanie. This style is one of the most popular and quite versatile in existence and has been worn by lots of royalties, workmen, and virtually anyone. No wonder it remains classic.

The Grandeur Rhinestones Winter Beanie

Talk about grandeur; then, pick this to give you that elegant look. Like fashion-conscious women, during winter, we feel we missed something while attempting to look stylish. The issue here can be the headwear you are putting on. How does it fit your dressing? Do you need something elegant with a touch of grandeur? Then this rhinestone winter beanie is your best bet. 


The dazzling Pink Rhinestone winter beanie

There is always room to get the dazzle out even during the winter. Get a touch of glamour on your outfit by adding a dazzling pink rhinestone winter beanie. This is a top pick for our ladies who love to look glamorous, sweet, sparkling, and intriguing. Don’t just read about it; try it out to get a feel of it. You'd be glad you did.

Rhinstone Pom Beanie 

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