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HeadBands with Face Mask Button

Written by Be Sparkle


Posted on November 28 2020

With new cases rising significantly across the world, now is not the time to be reckless. Wearing your face mask at all times is important now than ever before. But this is easier said than done given the discomfort caused by extended wear, particularly by the straps on the ear. If you are looking for something to help you avoid the discomfort, you should consider getting a headband with a face mask button. Also known as face mask headbands, these extenders will give your ears a break you’ve been waiting for since the start of the crisis. But how do headbands with face mask buttons work?

How headbands with face mask buttons work

These innovative headbands were inspired by necessity and provide a glimpse of human ingenuity in times of crisis. It is designed just like a regular headband but with buttons strongly attached on the outward side. The basic function of mask headbands is to secure disposable or reusable face masks or face covers in place without exposing your ears to painful rubbing and irritation caused by the straps. You loop the straps of your face mask around the buttons on the headband instead of using your ears. Even though face mask headbands were designed to relieve pain and discomfort on the ears, they come in handy in a wide variety of situations.

Mask headbands for professionals

Medical professionals like nurses working in the frontline have to wear face masks for extended periods. They are also at a higher risk of infection, which makes mask headbands with buttons essential for nurses. You can appreciate the brave men and women in the frontline by including button headbands for nurses in your gift hamper. These stretchy headbands can encourage nurses and medical practitioners to wear their face masks at all times. Wide headbands designed to stretch for a perfect fit are also used as hair cover for nurses. It keeps long hair off the faces of nurses as they work. They are also known as headcovers for nurses and can absorb any sweat before it makes it to their face. Keeping both hair and sweat off the face of nurses can discourage face-touching. Be Sparkle’s headbands for nurses are simple but can provide protection against infection on so many levels.

Mask Headband for Busy Moms

From the office to school, grocery, yoga classes, fitness exercises, and many more, busy moms are always on the move and require a headband with buttons to keep their face masks in place. During yoga, headbands for women will ensure the mask does not slip or fall off. Yoga headbands can keep busy moms protected at all times. You can also get running headbands for women to allow you to concentrate on your fitness instead of focusing on keeping your mask in place. If a friend is in chemo, you know they have a lot on their plate and should not waste a second worrying about ear discomfort. Mask headbands for women in chemo can help them focus on getting better. When you purchase headbands for women from Be Sparkle, a portion of the profit will be donated to help fight against women's cancer. 


At Be Sparkle, we offer comfortable headbands with buttons that fit all sizes perfectly. We are also specialized in beanies, chemo hats, face masks, laundry bags, ankle boots, swimsuits, and other fashion products. Be Sparkle is a woman-owned fashion brand with a noble cause. We support NGOs leading the fight against women's cancer. For every Be Sparkle product you purchase, we will donate a portion of the profits to NGOs across the country.

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