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Be Sparkle Fashion producing cotton masks

Written by Be Sparkle


Posted on July 17 2020

As businesses react to recent mandates throughout the state requiring masks, finding enough reusable masks to protect the safety of their workforce has been a challenge to find as well as those that are comfortable enough to wear all day. Be Sparkle has joined the fight against COVID-19 by repurposing their local business to provide high-quality durable cotton masks instead of their trademark sparkle hats, cowboy boots, tights and other accessory items. 

These masks aren’t like the ones sewn at home – they are 100% Jersey cotton double-sided with a filter pocket opening to add an optional 2.5 PM carbon filter. They come in child and adult sizes in multiple colors and can also be branded with a company’s logo. Be Sparkle also made a recent revision to their design to give their masks additional comfort.

“We worked specifically with one of our large customers after they received complaints of other manufacturers’ masks being uncomfortable and small,” said Myriam Gateault, Be Sparkle owner, who is also a full-time engineer who understands industry safety needs firsthand.  “We modified our design to add adjustable ear pieces to fit any type of size or shape of face.”

The cloth face coverings are intended to help prevent respiratory droplets and secretions from becoming airborne while coughing, sneezing or speaking. They are considered an enhancement to safety protocols as social distancing is still in effect while wearing it.

And while Be Sparkle is busy fulfilling business needs, they are also giving back.  For each order, Be Sparkle is making a donation to a local non-profit or to first responders.

“This business was started as a passion-project combining my love for fashion with wanting to give back to those battling cancer,” Gateault said.  “I’m thrilled we can help companies battle this pandemic and also giving back to the community by donating one mask for every one purchased.”

In Baytown, Be Sparkle is designating the United Way of Greater Baytown and Chambers County (UWGBACC) as its “Buy One. Donate One” non-profit. For every mask purchased, a mask will be donated to UWGBACC to distribute to those economically disadvantaged in the community or for non-profit volunteers.

“United Way launched its Mask 2020 Challenge in May and we met our goal of collecting 2,020 masks.  But we are still collecting masks as our front-line workers, essential staff, elderly, low-income and homeless populations are the most vulnerable people in our service area,” said Melissa Reabold, CEO of United Way of Greater Baytown Area and Chambers County. “Many cannot consistently protect themselves because they do not have the resources to obtain or make masks, which are a basic personal protection item.”

If you would like to purchase masks in bulk from the woman-owned business, email To order individual masks or to learn more about the company, visit