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How to Get the Most Out of Your Gaiter Neck

Written by Be Sparkle


Posted on November 30 2020

When it comes to choosing the perfect accessory, you should always go with the most versatile and functional option. Neck gaiters are multi-functional and seriously versatile, with multiple ways to wear and style up your look. Even though a neck gaiter is a simple single-piece garment, there is very little you can’t do with this versatile accessory. Whether you seek a neck warmer for your hike, a face mask for protection, or an accessory to add a stylish flair to your look, a neck gaiter is all you need. So, how do you get the most out of your gaiter neck?


Protection from the elements

As an outdoor accessory, gator masks are versatile and provide unparalleled protection in both warm and cool conditions. Be Sparkle’s mission-cooling face mask is on another level when it comes to protection from heat and the elements outdoors. Whether you’re snowboarding, hiking, cycling, skiing, camping, or any activity outdoors, mission-cooling masks can cool down to 30 degrees below average body temperature in under 30 seconds when it is activated with water. To activate your mission mask, just wet it, wring it out, and snap it. It will cool you down for 2 hours then you can reactivate it again by re-wetting. Mission-cooling neck gaiters are designed with breathable fabric that can filter any dust particles to deliver clean breathing air. You can also wear neck gators for men like a bandana to protect against sunburned scalps and can block up to 98% of UV rays. Wear your neck gaiter like a face mask to shield your skin from the cold. Neck gaiters are versatile accessories with limitless applications outdoors.

Makeshift face masks

With the crisis threatening our health, you need all the protection you can get. Sometimes, you just run out of the house and only realize that you forget your face mask when you get into a crowd. Your mission-cooling gaiter can double up as a face mask if social distancing is impossible. To create a gaiter face mask, pull it over your head until the top rests below your eyes, then pull the bottom down to your neck. Be Sparkle’s gaiter face masks are highly breathable and offer an alternative to regular face masks if you find yourself in great fabrics to guarantee your comfort and protection from the elements.

Comfortable gym masks

You should consider using workout masks if your regular face mask keeps sliding off during exercise. Gym masks for men are designed with a single tube of breathable fabric and perfectly-sized to cover the mouth and nose comfortably. These gator face mask for men can guarantee your protection without impeding airflow during workouts. Best of all, it is easier to keep a gator mask in place since it is elastic and fits snuggly on the face. You can get two neck gators and wear one as a face mask and tie the other like a headband to soak up your sweat during workouts. If you scrunch your headband gaiter, it will soak up more sweat. Wearing gaiters like a bandana with a slight sideways tilt can add a bit of street style to your look while keeping light sweat off your face. If you’re going for a long bike ride, you can wear a gaiter bandana style under your helmet to soak up sweat. Be Sparkle’s neck gaiters are made from superabsorbent fabrics, which makes it the perfect gym mask for men.


Versatile fashion accessory

Have you ever wondered how small accessories seem to vanish when you need them most? If you lose your hairband, wrap neck gators around your ponytail to hold your hair back. Wearing your gaiter neck like a headscarf can also keep long hair from invading your face. Don’t let bad hair days crump up your style. You can wear a gaiter like a loosely draped scarf to cover your hair.  The gaiter scarf is also the perfect antidote to unfortunate haircuts. You can wear your gaiter as a headband to keep sweat off your face during your outdoor adventures and add a stylish flair to your outdoorsy look.


At Be Sparkle, we offer the most versatile neck gaiter designed with cooling materials to protect adventurous souls wherever they go. We are also specialized in beanies, ankle boots, chemo hats, face masks, laundry bags, swimsuits, and many more products. Be Sparkle is a woman-owned fashion brand with a cause. We support NGOs leading the fight against women's cancer. For every Be Sparkle product you purchase, we will donate a portion of the profits to NGOs across the country.

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