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Why Chemo Hats from Be Sparkle?

Written by Be Sparkle


Posted on November 28 2020

Hair loss due to chemo is not only disheartening and demoralizing but can also distract you from focusing on getting better. Chemo hats can add a bit of glamour and ease the stress of hair loss during this trying time. But you can’t just pick the next hat as your chemo headwear, right? The right chemo cap for you should strike the perfect balance between functionality, comfort, and glamour. This is why Be Sparkle’s soft, stylish chemo headwraps are highly recommended for women in chemotherapy.

Why is a Headwrap the Perfect Chemo Hat?

Your hair serves a much higher purpose than beautification. It protects your head from the cold, UV rays, dust, hot sun, and other elements. This is why you get sunburned on the forehead but not underneath your hair. Your hair regulates your body’s temperature by conserving heat to keep you warm and is also a natural shock absorber. Just like a lion’s mane, your hair can protect your head by absorbing forceful strikes or impact with hard surfaces. It serves practical functions and can also enhance your comfort and beauty. Be Sparkle’s chemo head wraps for women can do all the things that your hair did for you every day. Our head caps strike the perfect balance between functionality, comfort, and glamour.


Wearing Comfy Headwraps as Functional Chemo Hats

One of the joys of life is teaching your princess how to tie hair wraps using a towel for the first time. It makes you appreciate the little things in life and also highlights how challenging it is to wrap anything on your head for the first. Instead of trying to learn different hair covers or turban hair wraps, you can use Be Sparkle’s chemo headwrap that is designed like a beanie hat for women. You just slip on your beanie hat the way you usually wear your sleeping cap or winter hat. These versatile winter and fall hats for womenare designed with stretchable cotton fabrics to fit perfectly regardless of size. Our chemo caps for womenare made from 100% cotton, which is softer and smoother than hair to protect your tender and sensitive scalp 24/7. Whether it is winter, summer, or fall, beanie hats can insulate and protect you from the cold and reduce overheating on warmer days. Be Sparkle’s head coverings for women in chemotherapy are highly functional, comfortable, and can protect you from the elements just like natural hair.

Using Sleeping Caps to Improve Sleep Patterns and Beauty

A good night’s sleep can benefit you physically and psychologically. It can improve your looks and mental well-being. But if your scalp is sore or sensitive, getting enough sleep and sweet dreams can be elusive. Be Sparkle’s cancer headwear for women are designed to fit your head perfectly. These comfy sleeping caps for women can protect your hair and help you avoid the pain, irritation, and soreness on the scalp. Our beanie hats for women are soft, warm, snug-fit, and better than using regular sleeping caps or hair wraps. It can protect sore scalps throughout the night and give your hair enough room to grow back quicker. Your list of chemotherapy gifts will not be complete without these slouchy beanies for men and women in chemo. Be Sparkle’s chemo hats are cozy, beautiful, and come in a variety of colors. You can get a black, green, or grey beanie for men or ladies' hats for summer to appreciate and motivate any man or woman in chemotherapy. These colorful and cool beanies for women can add a bit of glamour and boost your confidence to help you focus on getting better.


At Be Sparkle, we offer chemo hats for women who have lost hair to chemotherapy. We are also specialized in beanies, ankle boots, swimsuits, face masks, neck gaiters, laundry bags, and other fashion products. Be Sparkle is a woman-owned fashion brand with a cause. We support NGOs leading the fight against women's cancer. For every Be Sparkle product you purchase, we will donate a portion of the profits to NGOs across the country.

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