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$5.99 USD

  • This super sturdy Be Sparkle mesh laundry bag is specially designed to wash face mask and delicate clothes without wearing, tearing and fur in washing machines and dryers.
  • With our high endand unique breathable mesh construction, you will have a perfect clean wash in the washing machine and evenly dry process in the dryer.
  • Our premium anti-rust zipper with lock and zipper protection will prevent the bag from opening during the washing and drying cycle. You’ll have a new quiet and snag-free laundry experience.
  • It is the best to protect face masks and delicates, extend the life of your reusable masks,. Great as a face mask storage organization bag when travel. Perfect for kids to store back to school face mask after using them.
  • Perfect size: our 6" x 9" (23 x 16cm) laundry bag made of high-quality durable material mesh net for long-lasting usage.